Middlesex County Fair
Middlesex County Fair


The Early Years

The Middlesex County Fair Association was founded in 1938 by the Milltown Grange as a successor to the Flower and Crop Show, held at the Grange in 1937. Incorporated as a non‑profit organization, the original trustees had to be members of the East Brunswick Grange. The Grange had been in the process of changing their name, having moved in 1936 to the new Grange Hall built near the corner of Dunhams Corner Road and Ryders Lane in East Brunswick – home of the Raritan Valley YMCA until it was sold in 2003.  Fred Gauntt, Master of the Grange at that time, appointed H. Earl Propst as Fair Chairman and Fred C. Heyl as Secretary‑Treasurer of the Fair.  Heyl remained Secretary‑Treasurer until his death in 1956.

Even in its first year, the fair was a great success.  Total receipts for the first fair were $1,079.23 with a profit of $140.80. Admission was 10 cents. $194.55 was collected on general admission, so about 2,000 people attended that first fair.

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