Middlesex County Fair
Middlesex County Fair

Entertainment and Event Listing

Unsure of what is happening at the fair each day? Learn more about the events and entertainment scheduled for the week below.

Featured Entertainment

Morissa Schwartz Singing National Anthem – Opening Ceremonies

Website: Morissaschwartz.com

King and Queen Contest

Justin & Alina


Justin and Alina are a brother and sister pop duo hailing from Central
New Jersey. Their musical journey began with one simple purpose — to
leave their listeners feeling uplifted.
This sibling team is no stranger to the stage. Performing with just an
acoustic guitar and bongos may have been their roots and strong suit,
but their recordings and live shows have only matured into something
far more unique and entertaining… just as the stories and messages in
their lyrics. Combining their smooth and captivating harmonies,
acoustic and anthemic electric guitar licks, and catchy-synthesized ear
candy, Justin and Alina’s sound brings to light an edgy-fun, and upbeat
pop/rock style.

You’ll catch no sibling rivalry here — just two highly motivated
artists sharing their passion for songwriting and performing and their
dreams of making a difference. It doesn’t get much better than this!



Peace and Love,
Justin and Alina

Join the Family. Follow the Journey:





Mark Miklos

Website: http://www.markmiklos.com

Allied Champions Dance Center

Amish Outlaws


Website: http://amishoutlaws.com/

Chelsea Carlson


Rhythm in Motion Cloggers

Brass Illusion


Website: http://www.brassillusion.com/

Nine Deez Nite Band

Website: http://www.ninedeeeznite.com/index.html

Kids Day

Rhythm in Motion Cloggers

Country Line Dancing

After the Reign

Website: http://www.afterthereign.net/

Grand Falloons

Website: http://www.grandfalloons.com/

East Brunswick Library

Music University

Website: http://www.musicuniversity.net/

Funktion Dance Express

Website: http://thefunktiondancecomplex.com/


Daily Entertainment

Barnyard Express

John Forshee from Michigan and better known as “Farmer John” has developed the mobile educational farm center entitled “Barnyard Express”. John travels with his best friend Smudge, a Border Collie, educating children and adults about farming. Children discover where food comes from, they see a goat being milked and learn about dairy cows, along with other farming activities. Farmer John brings several animals with him in his traveling farm such as a goat, pig, miniature horse, sheep and a calf. The show will be held 3 times daily.




Deputy Boots and Sheriff Britches Ford Dream Camper Show

Deputy Boots and Sheriff Britches will be performing an old fashioned cowboy sing along by their camper. They will be singing all the old country standards, and will be telling tales of their adventures. The Ford Dream Camper has many amenities! On its sides are water barrels, ice clamps, a lantern and a pick and shovel. Looking through the window, you can see a pot bellied stove, shaving utensils, bunk bed, washing pan and table. So stop by and see the RV of the bygone era!


Robinson’s Racing Pigs

The pigs are back! Little pigs race four at a time as the crowd cheers the porkers on to victory as they finish their race diving into a 24 foot swimming pool called the hog wash. They will be racing 3 times a day.





As a boy growing up in Berlin, young Hilby boasted no traumatic childhood experiences and exhibited no particular talents other than making funny faces at strangers and, as Hilby himself describes it, “breezing rhyzmically.” Hilby grew up doing all the fun things that people do when they’re not in school until they began to call him a grown-up. That’s when he packed up his old kit bag, gave his mom a big kiss on the cheek, and set out on a journey. Hilby creates unforgettable moments for his audiences with death-defying feats. Hilby presents a show without boundaries in which artistry and anarchy are blended into utter hilarity. Hilby will perform 3 times a day.




Hansen’s Spectacular Acrobatic Sensations

This is a family of five presenting an amazing display of different acrobatic acts. You’ll see high speed juggling by Shane Hansen and Alicia Michelle performed over 30 feet in the air on the aerial cloud swing. Eight year old, Madison, is one of the youngest aerial and hula hoop stars. A trampoline act features the entire family, including 4 year old Ella! Shows will be held twice daily.




UWA Elite Pro Wrestling

UWA Elite returns to the Middlesex County Fair for the 4th consecutive year as part of their year long “15th Anniversary Celebration”! UWA Elite is a family friendly sports entertainment company based out of New Jersey and is considered by many to be the very best pro wrestling company in the state today.
This year UWA Elite delivers 23 TOTALLY DIFFERENT 30-Minute shows and on Saturday Night at 8:00pm UWA Elite presents one of their most popular shows of the year “iWrestle”. “iWrestle” is a fully interactive event in which all the matches and stipulations will be voted on by the fans!
UWA Elite is proud to bring more than 40 of today’s top wrestling stars to this year’s Middlesex County Fair including: UWA Elite Champion “First Class” Brian Brass, Archadia, Hedges, Eric Corvis, Myke Quest, Kyle “The Beast” Wiant, Drake Chambers, Joey Adams, King Tek, Sean “Damage” McNelis, The Ultra-Violent Movement, The UnstoppaBULLS, Crazy Ivan, The Wretched, and many more.
Visit UWAElite.com for more information on UWA Elite, including which talent will be appearing on which days at the Middlesex County Fair.