Middlesex County Fair

Vendor Information

Are you a merchant, entertainer, or band interested in reaching thousands of tri-state area residents at the Middlesex County Fair? Many of our vendors have been with us for years, and we would like to have you join the tradition!

If you have a vendor login password, you may access the vendor portal to download a contract.

For food and merchandise vendors, please contact Mary Lou Conover, concessions manager at vendor@middlesexcountyfair.com or 732-416-1929.

For entertainment vendors, please contact Alida Martin, entertainment manager at entertainment@middlesexcountyfair.com

Vendor News

  • We are booking for 2014!  Please contact Mary Lou Conover and Alida Martin at the emails or phone number above for details.


If you are interested in receiving a contract, please log into the vendor portal or contact Mary Lou Conover at vendor@middlesexcountyfair.com for a vendor portal password.

Vendor Portal

Click here to access the portal.